Cancelation Policy

This Cancellation Policy explains how Eqpme Inc (“Eqpme” or “we”) deals with future cancellations between Owners and Renters. In the messenger center where Owners & Renters communicate, both parties have the ability to cancel their reservation once a request to book has been accepted. Please reference our cancelation chart below.

Rental modifications

For any reservations where the Renter requests a rental modification after the 48 hour period has ended, the cancellation policy comes into effect. Please ensure you select the correct dates before booking. If there are any modifications the Renter shall contact the Owner to notify them within the 48 hour time frame. The Owner has full control of also modifying and working with the Renter to accommodate any changes.

Renter Cancellation

If a Renter wants to cancel a reservation with the Owner, they must notify the Owner as soon as possible and cancel the booking in the Eqpme Messaging Center. Depending on the cancellation timeframe, fees may be applied. Below is our chart to signify and outline our cancellation terms. Renters who repeatedly cancel reservations may be subject to additional penalties, including removal from the marketplace.

Owner Cancellation

If an Owner wants to cancel a reservation with the renter, they must cancel in the Eqpme messenger center as soon as possible. Once canceled the renter will receive a 100% refund no matter the timeframe.

Owner no-shows

If an Owner does not provide the equipment at the reservation agreed date and time, try to contact them. If they don’t respond, try contact them via email, phone or texting. Ask for the Owner’s phone number prior to the reserved date and time after a confirmation has been booked. If they’re still unresponsive, contact right away to provide a 100% full refund within 7 business days. Renters are not held responsible if the Owner does not show up.

Renter No Show

If the Renter needs to cancel the reservation but are having trouble doing so, contact the owner right away via the Eqpme Messaging Center and/or phone line. If the Renter does show up to accept the delivery of the equipment or arrange transportation to pick up the reserved equipment(s), the Owner has a right to cancel and the Renter will not receive a refund.

Early returns

When Renters want to return a piece of equipment earlier than the agreed reservation time and date. There will be no credits/refunds issued for early returns.

Renter Cancellation Time Chart

Before initial reserved start date:

Within 48 hours 100% full refund
After 48 Hours No refund available
Note: All refunds will be processed up to 14 business days.

Owner Cancellation Time Chart

Before initial reserved start date:
Can Cancel At Any Time 100% Refund to the renter

Note: All refunds will be processed up to 14 business days.

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