Equipment We Accept

Last updated: July 1, 2020

Quick Tips:

  • We accept gas, diesel, hybrid, and electric types of equipment.
  • All types of equipment pertaining to our categories.
  • We don’t accept passenger vehicles, motorcycles, RVs, automotive, and certain other on road equipment.
  • We require exclusivity. If you list your equipment on our platform, you may not list or post the same equipment on other equipment related marketplaces.


We’d be happy to have you as a list on our platform. We spell out specific regulations below, owners everywhere must:

  • List only eligible pieces of equipment that are registered to you or to an owner who has authorized you to list.
  • Equipment must be insured and safely maintained by the owner.
  • Ensure your equipment meets all legal requirements for your region.
  • Maintain your equipment and continue to meet regulated standards and manufacture specifications as your equipment ages.
  • Vendors must have their ownership documentation on file for any future requested questions regarding their equipment.


All owners that own equipment must have a clean (e.g. not a “branded” or “salvage”) title if applicable. In some countries, this may be referred to as not being “written off.” They must meet all legal requirements of the country in which they’re located. Since their equipment is listed through Eqpme, Owners must abide by our Terms and Services, safety regulations by your local provincial and state laws. Our Services are intended solely for persons who are 18 or older. Any use of the Services by anyone that does not meet these age requirements is expressly prohibited.

Equipment and attachments that have more than 10 Thousand Hours, you may remain listed as long as they’re in excellent condition. They must also continue to meet all legal, safety, and mechanical/manufacture standards. You’re responsible for knowing your equipment’s history before listing.

Eqpme reserves the right to modify its eligibility requirements and remove any listings at any time for any reason.


Equipment renting within Canada excluding Quebec, and also not in the U.S.A, equipment must:

  • Meet the construction acts & regulations and laws in your area.
  • Shall have valid insurance and certificate of registration.
  • Shall be in good safe working order.
  • Maintenance on shall be maintained on your equipment.
  • Shall be fewer than 10,000 Hours.
  • Have a good standard of cleanliness.
  • Have never been declared a total loss, written off or involved in a serious accident.
  • Abide by Eqpme’s Terms and Service.
  • Certificate of registration.
  • Operators & Manufacture Manuals.
  • Daily Inspection booklet to be filled out by the operator as per manufacturer recommendations.
  • Owners Providing appropriate information, instruction and supervision to protect workers such as training of the equipment.
  • Using and operating machinery in a safe manner.
  • Reporting machine hazards.
  • Using or wearing protective devices or clothing while using the equipment.
  • Annual Safety Inspection completed.
  • Certified fire extinguisher attached to machine.
  • Insuring proper competent training is completed before equipment use.

Any equipment you list on Eqpme must be exclusively shared on Eqpme. You can’t list equipment on Eqpme you’re currently sharing or intend to share on another equipment sharing marketplaces. If a host violates this policy, Eqpme may take action. This may include a fine, a penalty, and removal of the equipment from the marketplace, closing the host’s account, or other actions.

Ineligible equipment

The following is an illustrative list of equipment that are not eligible for listing.

  • Box trucks
  • Unsafe equipment
  • Farm equipment
  • Passenger vans
  • Recreational equipments (RVs)

Eqpme has specific maintenance requirements the equipment must meet in order to be listed and stay listed on our platform. These are recommendations.

Owners are asked to get an equipment inspection and must obtain an annual safety inspection by a certified mechanic.

Your equipment must comply with all laws and regulations regarding safety, condition, and operation. Regulations vary by location, and we expect you to remain compliant with local mandates, including any other safety equipment.

You should get an equipment mechanical inspection and safety at least once a year to ensure your equipment is safe to operate. An inspection will include a check of your equipment’s most critical safety items, including brakes, steering parts, tires, and lights. Equipment cannot be rented unless the annual safety has been completed by a certified technician.

If we learn of a quality, safety, or maintenance issue with your equipment, we may temporarily restrict your listing and/or remove your listing and profile. We may remove any equipment that has not been maintained from our platform.

No Lease/Rental Agreement

All Users acknowledge and agree that nothing herein contained constitutes a lease and/or rental agreement of any kind or description whatsoever between any Owner(s) and any Renter(s). These Terms create no contractual relationship between Owners and Renters except as may be explicitly set out herein and use of the Services does not constitute a lease/rental agreement between any Owner(s) and Renter(s) in any circumstance.

ndependent Legal Advice/Representation. EQPME strongly recommends all parties using the Services retain appropriate legal representation to enter into a legal and enforceable agreement in their jurisdiction. WE TAKE NO RESPONSIBILITY FOR ANY ATTEMPTED OR PURPORTED USE OF, OR RELIANCE ON, THESE TERMS AND/OR THE USE OF THE SERVICES TO PROVE OR DISPROVE THE EXISTENCE OF ANY CONTRACTUAL RELATIONS BETWEEN ANY TWO OR MORE PERSONS.

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