COVID-19 Policy

How to Maintain Health and Safety for Yourself and Others:

  • Be diligent about washing your hands. Wash your hands with hot water and soap. If you’re unable to wash them in a sink, use hand sanitizer. 
  • Practice safe social distancing 
  • Be aware and mindful of cleanliness. Ensure you cover your coughs and sneezes and try not to touch your face. When in doubt, wash your hands again. 
  • If you have a scheduled equipment delivery or pick-up and you’re unwell, follow protocol.

Disinfection Process Between Equipment Use: 

  • Before delivering or picking up equipment to the renter it must be sanitized with disinfectant wipes and or spray. 
  • When the renter(s) has finished their rental and are returning the rented equipment, it must be returned sanitized with disinfectant wipes and or spray to the owner. 
  • Disinfecting must be done, not just cleaning the equipment. Disinfecting works by using chemicals, such as EPA-registered disinfectants, to kill germs on surfaces. Disinfecting will assist in killing germs that remain on a surface after cleaning which further reduces the risk of spreading infection. 

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