Listing Equipment

Eqpme was built to allow Owner's to listed their equipment on our platform to connect with Renters that excited to Rent from you. To list a piece of equipment you there are a few steps that need to be taken.

Create An Account

First step is to create an account by signing up either as a Renter or Owner(

Add Your Equipment

Once you've create an account you will see a button in the header labelled "+ Add your equipment". After clicking "+ Add your equipment" you will be brought to the listing on-boarding page. There are a few categories to go though including:

1. Description: General equipment information.

2. Specifications: Information regarding the specifics of your equipments.

3. Attachments: Does your equipment comes with attachments?

4. Locations: Where is your piece of equipment currently located?

5. Pricing:
How much does your equipment cost per day?

6. Documents: Attached lease agreements and pre/post inspection documents for future rentals.

7. Transportation: Will you be offering pickup and delivery for your piece of equipment.

8. Availability: Choose the dates you do/don't want your equipment to be booked.

9. Photo: Upload wrap around shots of the piece of equipment.

NOTE - If you haven't entered your banking details(to get paid) yet, you will be required to do so at the end of the on-boarding experiences.

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