Cleaning Policy

  • Before getting started with the cleaning process, make sure you’re properly protected. Wear gloves and an approved face mask or face covering. Avoid touching your face during the cleaning process. 
  • We expect renters to take care of the rented piece of equipment as if it were their own. The rented piece of equipment should be returned in the same condition in which it was received. Whether you’ve had the equipment for a single day or for a month. 
  • We suggest taking interior and exterior photos of the equipment before and after the trip and uploading those to the conversation message board between yourself and the owner of the rented piece of equipment.
  • For each reservation a mandatory $150 cleaning fee is added. To ensure the Owner takes the responsibility to wash, maintain and create a level of service for their equipment for safe and reliable use. This will help renters in their reviews of the Owners service and profile page on Eqpme for future uses to see. Values are in CA$ for rental reservations in Canada.
  • Be aware of the frequently touched surfaces on a vehicle. 
    • Equipment “Hot Spots” *does the equipment have all these?
      • Exterior door handles and latches 
      • Interior door handles 
      • Rearview mirror 
      • Steering wheel
      • Seat belts 
      • Gear selector 
      • Keys & key fobs

Exterior photos that show: 

  • The condition of the equipment
  • Scratches, dings, and dents on the equipments exterior
  • Scratches or scrapes on the tires
  • Areas that are exceptionally dirty
  • Cracks in the windshield 
  • Functional safety features such as reverse back up alarm, lights, etc 

Interior photos:

  • The condition of the equipment
    • Areas that are dirty
    • Items left in the equipment
    • Interior scratches or tears in the upholstery
    • Overall condition
  • The dashboard
    • Fuel gauge
    • Hour meter
    • Odometer
  • The best way to capture and save these photos is in the messenger center as stated above. Uploading your photos before and after will help show evidence that proper and safe use has been implemented and to also discuss any discrepancies. Pictures uploaded to message center conversation between the Renter and Owner can be easily viewed by both parties and accessed by Customer Support.

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