• Owners have the ability to offer transportation for each of their listings. If you, as the owner choose to offer transportation you will set the associated delivery fees when creating the listing for your equipment on the Eqpme platform.

  •  The delivery and pick up fees will be included and outlined when the renter pays for the booking of the equipment.
 Pricing in photo above is for example purposes only and varies from booking to booking
  • Transportation of equipment is solely the responsibility of the owner if they choose to offer delivery and pick up services of their reserved equipment. 
  • Owners of the equipment must ensure their transportation decisions follow local, provincial and federal requirements and safe operation and use must be followed. 

Note - Eqpme has no connection to the equipment or any insurance or transportation carried in respect thereof. Owners and Renters hereby acknowledge and agree to hold Eqpme harmless with respect to any claims of any kind whatsoever related to transportation. 

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