Damages & Incidents

  • Each Owner is responsible for following all legal requirements (including ensuring the piece(s) of equipment is registered and insured) and maintaining their equipment in safe, operational and in good working condition. Please complete a visual inspection before you begin use of the equipment. 
  • If you find any damage during your initial inspection, please upload photos of such pre-existing damage at the start of your reservation to ensure you’re not held responsible for any pre-existing damage.
  • If, after your initial inspection, you believe that the piece(s) of equipment are not safe to operate, please do not proceed to use the piece(s) of equipment. In this event, please contact the Owner and the Eqpme team immediately at info@eqpme.com

If you believe that a Renter has caused any damage to your piece(s) of equipment, you are required to report that damage as soon as you become aware of it (and in any event, no more than 24 hours after the return of the equipment) and to provide reasonable cooperation in the investigation of the damage so that it can be eligible for disputes. You must report and record all incidents to your insurance company directly as Eqpme is not responsible for any incidents that may occur at any time or times before, during or after the use of the Services. 

Based on the investigation, Eqpme or third-party claims administrators will reasonably determine whether the damage occurred during the reservation period and is eligible for additional fee payments. If Eqpme is not given prompt notice as described in this paragraph, or if you do not provide reasonable cooperation in the investigation by Eqpme or third-party claims administrators, we may not be able to determine the cause. In that case, you agree that Eqpme may decline any additional charges.

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